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I am Antonio Pisanelli, My experience spans all aspects of the building industry, but I specialize in housing. I approach each day with a sense of possibility and opportunity, driven by a moral obligation to make our buildings more sustainable. By making buildings more energy efficient, comfortable, and reducing their ecological footprint, I see myself as an enabler, so that we can all do our bit to mitigate global warming risks.

I am passionate about Austral Constructions since it offers the most efficient and functional way of lowering our buildings' carbon footprint. I believe that we should always strive to design with a 10 year lifespan in mind. Each of us has an ethical responsibility to make sure that the monuments that we create are durable and have a minimal effect on the environment. Individually, our impact might not be huge. However, as designers and builders, our legacy will be built from our collective work, which makes it all the more important for us to produce buildings that are energy-efficient. We owe it to ourselves and to society at large to uphold this noble ideal.

The embodied carbon is important, but it is more important to reduce the building's energy usage profile over its lifetime, since over 80% of carbon emissions are caused by its use. The Austral Constructions standard, particularly the Premium and Plus classes, is the easiest and most effective method of designing buildings that are cost effective and use the least amount of energy.

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Austral Constructions

Austral Constructions is a construction company with a focus on housing in Adelaide. We have wide ranging experiences across all facets of the building industry, and we approach each day with an attitude of possibility and opportunity.

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Office Address: 21 Beatty St, Flinders Park SA 5025, Australia

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